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Mark & Daniel® News 


M&D announces the Muse-Mk2 floorstander and center speakers

- Muse-III-Mk2 

muse3-mk2-02m.jpg    muse3-mk2-03m.jpg

- Muse-Center-Mk2



- These Muse-Mk2 speakers are available to customers from July 2019.

M&D announces Maximus-Opal-Mk2 powered speaker

opal-mk2-13m.jpg    opal-mk2-12m.jpg

- The Maximus-Opal-MK2 is available to customers from July 2019.

 The Mk2 bookshelf speaker reviews completed & awarded


- For Maximus-Monitor-Mk2:

- For Maximus-Ruby-Mk2: 

- For Maximus-Mini-Monitor:


M&D’s new generation bookshelf speakers completed!

- Maximus-Monitor-Mk2:


- Maximus-Ruby-Mk2:

- Maximus-Mini-Monitor:

- These products are available to customers from September, 2016.


 M&D announces DM-6b and DM-7b AMT drivers

The modular DM-6b/DM-7b Dreams tweeters are the compact, integrated, wideband AMT audio driver newly created using the latest, most advanced technology and craftsmanship.
- The most advanced DM-6 and DM-7 series AMT drivers are employed to create M&D’s outstanding, the second generation (the MK-2 models) hi-end speaker systems.
- DM-6b tweeter is also the first wideband AMT tweeter to be formally released by Mark & Daniel to supply the DIY and OEM markets, from the March of 2016.


SIAV hi-fi Show 2014, Shanghai


 - From April 18th to 20th of 2014, the 22th SIAV hi-fi Show is held in Shanghai Exhibit Center (West Nanjing Rd, No.1333); welcome to visit the 2nd East Pavilion for Mark & Daniel new speakers demonstration!


 T.H.E. Show 2014, Las Vegas

- The Home Entertainment (T.H.E.) Show 2014 will be held from Jan. 7th to 10th, 2014 in Las Vegas. Welcome to visit Flamingo Hotel Room # 2014 for Mark & Daniel speakers demonstration!


M&D announces Fantasia-Cello floorstander

- The new flagship, Fantasia-Cello floor-standing speaker is available to customers from September 2013.


SIAV hi-fi Show 2013, Shanghai

- From April 12-14 of 2013, the 21th SIAV (Shanghai International AV) Show is held in Pullman Shanghai Skyway hotel; welcome to visit the 3rd Floor (Hua Pin Xuan)  for Mark & Daniel new speakers demonstration!


M&D announces Maximus-Opal-air4 Wireless Speaker

- The Maximus-Opal-air4 is available to customers from March 2013.


 M&D demonstrates Maximus-Opal-air4

- M&D is first demonstrating his new Maximus-Opal-air4, the wireless monitor speaker system in Guangzhou AV Fair 2012.
- The Show is held from Nov.30 to Dec.02 in Dong Fang Hotel; please visit Rm.632 for this exceptional new product.


M&D announces Muse-III floor-standing Speaker

- The Muse-III floorstander is available to customers from June 2012.


SIAV hi-fi Show 2012, Shanghai

- From April 13 to 15, the 20th SIAV (Shanghai International AV) Show will be held in Pullman Shanghai Skyway hotel; welcome to visit Rm. VIP #4, 47th Floor for Mark & Daniel speakers demonstration!


CEDIA Expo 2011, Shanghai


- CEDIA first show in China, held from 23rd-25th November 2011 in Shanghai International Convention Center; join us!


M&D announces Arch-3/4 Audio Rack Systems

- The Arch-3/4 Independently Isolated Audio Rack is available to customers from September 2011.


M&D announces the Apollo-Center Speaker


- Apollo-Center speaker is available from May, 2011.


The 2011 Blue Moon Award to M&D® Fantasia-S


CES 2011, Las Vegas for Fantasia-S






- The Fantasia-S, our new statement speakers matching with Nuforce Reference-18 amplifiers shall be first time demonstrated to public during CES 2011.


- Please visit: Venetian Ballroom, level 2, Rm. Titian 2301A


M&D announces the Fantasia-S speaker





- Fantasia-S speaker is available to customers from 2011.


Maximus-Stand-dir for the–Dir speakers




- A high-end, stylish speaker stand not only useful for placing most of bookshelf speakers but specially designed to match with M&D’s premium Maximus-Monitor+(dir) and Maximus-Diamond+(dir) speakers; a bi-wire, dedicated crossover network assembly may be equipped onto the Maximus-Stand-dir chamber for sound up-gradation.


External Crossovers for the –Dir Speakers




- M&D has developed the crossover networks that be able to externally match with his –Dir series, the premium grade bi-wire speakers for sound up gradation.


- 2 models of External Crossovers are available now:

 . External Crossover-Mo, for Maximus-Monitor+(Dir)

 . External Crossover-Dm, for Maximus-Diamond+(Dir)


Maximus-Stand-II, the speaker stand for Minis




- M&D announces the new Maximus-Stand-II model, a high quality, stylish speaker stand that specially designed for Maximus-Mini series speakers.

- Maximus-Stand-II is available to customers from Mar., 2009.


Mini-Wallset, the wall set for Minis



- The high quality Mini-Wallset is a much demanded ancillary device to properly fix Maximus-Mini series speakers on the wall.

- Mini-Wallset is available to customers from Mar., 2009.


M&D announces the special -Dir speakers


- M&D has released the special –Dir versions on the two of his top-notch bookshelf speakers:


* Maximus-Diamond+(Dir)


* Maximus-Monitor+(Dir)


- These –Dir speakers are identical to the original designs except the crossover networks have been removed from their enclosures; the -Dir speakers are therefore, good choices to the upgrade project for audiophiles such as to be connected with your own external crossover network, with the active crossover amplification system, or to be directly linked with the advanced DSP system for loudspeaker correction in different environment.


John Potis, you will be remembered!




- John Potis passed away fo, , rm cancer on Dec. 22, 2008; although only knowing him thru Internet, John was a true friend to all of us with his passion, wit, charm, humor and most of all his sincerity.


- John reviewed a few M&D speakers in recent years; Mark & Daniel is truly proud having many of his positive feed backs. Herein under are some of his passionate reports that in memory to John forever:


Sapphire Loudspeakers:



Mini + Apollo-II:



Favorite Discoveries of 2007:




T.H.E. Show 2009, Las Vegas



- The Home Entertainment (T.H.E.) Show 2009 will be held from Jan. 8th to 11th, 2009 in Las Vegas. Welcome to visit Alexis Park Room # 1510 for Mark & Daniel speakers demonstration!



M&D Announces the New Color:


-  Mark & Daniel® is proudly announcing one new color for customers, the Metallic Rosé (Code Number: 08), as one of the Special Color options on M&D bookshelf speakers since Year 2009.




RoHS Certificate on M&D Speakers



- Mark & Daniel® speakers have been certificated to RoHS standard (the Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment) since April, 2008.

- M&D products are the “green” speakers during production and for customers environmental protection!


T.H.E. Show 2008, Las Vegas  


- The Home Entertainment (T.H.E.) Show 2008 will be held from Jan. 7th to 10th, 2008 in Las Vegas. Welcome to visit Alexis Park Room # 1511 for Mark & Daniel speakers demonstration, , <, color="#ff0000" ont="">!



<, div="">


Super Hi-End Show 2007, Hong Kong


- Held 10-12/Aug/2007 in Grand Hyatt Hotel, H.K.; where the Apollo sound system, M&D® flagship speaker shall , , , , , , , be announced at the 5F/CE-III room with a luxurious 800 sq ft demo space. Come to enjoy this music gourmand then!



  Festival Song & Image 2007, Montreal



- Stereomojo: www.stereomojo.com/FSIreport2007.htm

    Winner: Best System Value

- 6moons:www.6moons.com/industryfeatures/montreal07/montreal.html

- Stereophile:http://blog.stereophile.com/fsi2007/




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