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Mark & Daniel® News 

 M&D announces Lady-Shanghai floorstander

lady-17-2m.jpg lady-22-1m.jpg

- The new flagship, Lady-Shanghai floor-standing speaker is available to customers from Jan. 2023.

 M&D announces the new Muse-Inwall speakers!


 inwall-1-03n.png   inwall-2-07n.png


Muse-Inwall-I & -Inwall-II are the inexpensive, slim-designed, wall-mount (in-wall) speakers applicable for multi-channel audio and/or AV home theater sound systems.

- Muse-Inwall products are available to customers from July 2022.

 M&D announces his new-concept modular Ultrumax series!

全锟揭革拷-ultrumax -1m.jpg

- Based on M&D’s revolutionary DM-8 and DM-9 ultra-wideband AMT drivers, a complete  Ultrumax series modular speakers have been successfully developed.

- Ultrumax products are available to customers from May 2021.


 M&D announces the revolutionary DM-8 Ultra-Wideband AMT driver


- DM-8a is the first and only 200Hz-22KHz ultra-wideband AMT driver ever made.

- DM-8a is designed and used onto M&D’s new Ultrumax series, from the Jan. 2021.


M&D announces the Muse-Mk2 floorstander and center speakers

- Muse-III-Mk2 

muse3-mk2-02m.jpg    muse3-mk2-03m.jpg

- Muse-Center-Mk2



- These Muse-Mk2 speakers are available to customers from July 2019.


M&D announces Maximus-Opal-Mk2 powered speaker

opal-mk2-13m.jpg    opal-mk2-12m.jpg

- The Maximus-Opal-MK2 is available to customers from July 2019.


   The Mk2 bookshelf speaker reviews completed & awarded


- For Maximus-Monitor-Mk2:

- For Maximus-Ruby-Mk2: 

- For Maximus-Mini-Monitor:


M&D’s new generation bookshelf speakers completed!

- Maximus-Monitor-Mk2:


- Maximus-Ruby-Mk2:

- Maximus-Mini-Monitor:

- These products are available to customers from September, 2016.


 M&D announces DM-6b and DM-7b AMT drivers

The modular DM-6b/DM-7b Dreams tweeters are the compact, integrated, wideband AMT audio driver newly created using the latest, most advanced technology and craftsmanship.
- The most advanced DM-6 and DM-7 series AMT drivers are employed to create M&D’s outstanding, the second generation (the MK-2 models) hi-end speaker systems.
- DM-6b tweeter is also the first wideband AMT tweeter to be formally released by Mark & Daniel to supply the DIY and OEM markets, from the March of 2016.


SIAV hi-fi Show 2014, Shanghai


 - From April 18th to 20th of 2014, the 22th SIAV hi-fi Show is held in Shanghai Exhibit Center (West Nanjing Rd, No.1333); welcome to visit the 2nd East Pavilion for Mark & Daniel new speakers demonstration!


 T.H.E. Show 2014, Las Vegas

- The Home Entertainment (T.H.E.) Show 2014 will be held from Jan. 7th to 10th, 2014 in Las Vegas. Welcome to visit Flamingo Hotel Room # 2014 for Mark & Daniel speakers demonstration!


M&D announces Fantasia-Cello floorstander

- The new flagship, Fantasia-Cello floor-standing speaker is available to customers from September 2013.


SIAV hi-fi Show 2013, Shanghai

- From April 12-14 of 2013, the 21th SIAV (Shanghai International AV) Show is held in Pullman Shanghai Skyway hotel; welcome to visit the 3rd Floor (Hua Pin Xuan)  for Mark & Daniel new speakers demonstration!


M&D announces Maximus-Opal-air4 Wireless Speaker

- The Maximus-Opal-air4 is available to customers from March 2013.


 M&D demonstrates Maximus-Opal-air4

- M&D is first demonstrating his new Maximus-Opal-air4, the wireless monitor speaker system in Guangzhou AV Fair 2012.
- The Show is held from Nov.30 to Dec.02 in Dong Fang Hotel; please visit Rm.632 for this exceptional new product.


M&D announces Muse-III floor-standing Speaker

- The Muse-III floorstander is available to customers from June 2012.


SIAV hi-fi Show 2012, Shanghai

- From April 13 to 15, the 20th SIAV (Shanghai International AV) Show will be held in Pullman Shanghai Skyway hotel; welcome to visit Rm. VIP #4, 47th Floor for Mark & Daniel speakers demonstration!


CEDIA Expo 2011, Shanghai


- CEDIA first show in China, held from 23rd-25th November 2011 in Shanghai International Convention Center; join us!


M&D announces Arch-3/4 Audio Rack Systems

- The Arch-3/4 Independently Isolated Audio Rack is available to customers from September 2011.


M&D announces the Apollo-Center Speaker


- Apollo-Center speaker is available from May, 2011.


The 2011 Blue Moon Award to M&D® Fantasia-S


CES 2011, Las Vegas for Fantasia-S  




- The Fantasia-S, our new statement speakers matching with Nuforce Reference-18 amplifiers shall be first time demonstrated to public during CES 2011.


- Please visit: Venetian Ballroom, level 2, Rm. Titian 2301A


M&D announces the Fantasia-S speaker





- Fantasia-S speaker is available to customers from 2011.


Maximus-Stand-II, the speaker stand for Minis




- M&D announces the new Maximus-Stand-II model, a high quality, stylish speaker stand that specially designed for Maximus-Mini series speakers.

- Maximus-Stand-II is available to customers from Mar., 2009.


John Potis, you will be remembered!




- John Potis passed away fo, , rm cancer on Dec. 22, 2008; although only knowing him thru Internet, John was a true friend to all of us with his passion, wit, charm, humor and most of all his sincerity.


- John reviewed a few M&D speakers in recent years; Mark & Daniel is truly proud having many of his positive feed backs. Herein under are some of his passionate reports that in memory to John forever:


Sapphire Loudspeakers:



Mini + Apollo-II:



Favorite Discoveries of 2007:



  T.H.E. Show 2009, Las Vegas



- The Home Entertainment (T.H.E.) Show 2009 will be held from Jan. 8th to 11th, 2009 in Las Vegas. Welcome to visit Alexis Park Room # 1510 for Mark & Daniel speakers demonstration!



M&D Announces the New Color:


-  Mark & Daniel® is proudly announcing one new color for customers, the Metallic Rosé (Code Number: 08), as one of the Special Color options on M&D bookshelf speakers since Year 2009.




RoHS Certificate on M&D Speakers



- Mark & Daniel® speakers have been certificated to RoHS standard (the Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment) since April, 2008.

- M&D products are the “green” speakers during production and for customers environmental protection!


T.H.E. Show 2008, Las Vegas  


- The Home Entertainment (T.H.E.) Show 2008 will be held from Jan. 7th to 10th, 2008 in Las Vegas. Welcome to visit Alexis Park Room # 1511 for Mark & Daniel speakers demonstration, , <, color="#ff0000" ont="">!



<, div="">


Super Hi-End Show 2007, Hong Kong


- Held 10-12/Aug/2007 in Grand Hyatt Hotel, H.K.; where the Apollo sound system, M&D® flagship speaker shall , , , , , , , be announced at the 5F/CE-III room with a luxurious 800 sq ft demo space. Come to enjoy this music gourmand then!



  Festival Song & Image 2007, Montreal




- Stereomojo: www.stereomojo.com/FSIreport2007.htm

    Winner: Best System Value

- 6moons:www.6moons.com/industryfeatures/montreal07/montreal.html

- Stereophile:http://blog.stereophile.com/fsi2007/








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