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            Despite small dimensions, this little mite sounded big... The Mini-Monitor behaved with more ideal synchronicity, breathing as a single driver. The two transducers paraded their inherent benefits of control and responsiveness aided by extremely low cabinet coloration. 

            The Mini-Monitor represents the most successful execution of the Mark & Daniel design ethos I’ve encountered to date... Making them relatively forgiving of placement and were near state of the art for coherence, detail, dynamic behaviour, overall neutrality and bandwidth relative to size...

- Glen Wagenknecht / Reviewer -




Postscript: We’d signed up for three M&D reviews at once, each assigned to a different writer/s. Each writer had given ‘his’ or ‘her’ model top marks. Had we only done one, it wouldn’t have mattered which. An award would have been automatic. With three however, we’d have to focus down on just one since we don’t issue awards for an entire range... As the middle model of our three, it seemed to me that the Ruby-Mk2 had enough bandwidth and output potential to work without a subwoofer in even larger rooms to make it the one most within reach. The Monitor Mk2..., the Mini Monitor... It’s an honour however which the other two should most fairly bask in as well!

- Srajan Ebaen, www.6moons.com Publisher -




              Hearing is believing!  M&D presents a miniature speaker smaller than shoe-box size, with capabilities that are truly amazing!  Featuring a huge sound scale and true high-fidelity sound reproduction, the unique features found in the new M&D Maximus-Mini-Monitor speakers enable them to perform far beyond their tiny size!  Unquestionably, Mark & Daniel’s premium Mini-Monitor present a direct challenge to normal sized bookshelf speakers.  This is not just a great hi-end, monitor-grade speaker for the small listening room; they are also designed to be a precision sound reproduction instrument to match and compliment your personal sound system and/or private studio to monitor and accurately reproduce your personal sound recordings. 


            The compact size and stunning sonic performance of the Maximus-Mini-Monitor enables it to be used in practically any application where a near to full sound range, high fidelity speaker is desired and where space is at a premium. Because of its compact size, the Mini-Monitor speaker may be used in a wide variety of applications. From the mini monitoring system for Pro-Audio to Home Theater, Stereo Hi Fi reproduction, PC gaming stations, gaming systems and so forth, the Maximus-Mini-Monitor enables everyone to enjoy true high fidelity sound from an incredibly small package.

            After long and painstaking research, M&D’s new and powerful modular DM-6b wideband AMT mode driver is now employed on this tiny two-way Mini-Monitor.  With an audio range from 900Hz up to 30KHz, a stunning 5-octave wideband audio reproduction range has been achieved from this unique speaker with super resolution, great sound transparency and high output level capabilities.

* See DM-6b:http://www.mark-daniel.com/index.asp?Proid=27&table=sdr

            The incorporated four inch powerful woofer, with M&D’s patented Super Xmax feature and unique QMA (Quantified Magnets Alignment) design, provides an amazing ±9.0mm (0.7”) linear excursion. Through proper engineering optimization, this SX4.0q-0.7 super woofer is able to provide stunning deep bass reproduction at high volume levels, enabling us to achieve deep bass down to 50Hz which is an unparalleled figure for any miniature-sized (overall 7.5 Liters, 0.26 cubic ft.) hi-fi speaker, while employing and optimizing full Q-control throughout the complete bass excursion range.
* SX woofer: http://www.mark-daniel.com/index.asp?ID=21&table=Phylosophy



            This diamond-shaped design of the hand-made CAM enclosure of the Maximus-Mini-Monitor speaker is not just due to aesthetic considerations; it was actually designed to effectively reduce the side diffraction influence that could affect the DM-6b AMT driver for best wideband performance. We have now achieved a more flat, precise response over the most sensitive mid-range band (from 900Hz to 4KHz) through detailed engineering, in order to maintain true hi-fi transparency from our CAM cabinet material.   

            This Mini-Monitor speaker is equipped with a metal grille on the front panel for proper protection of the woofer. Due to the fact that the woofer works only in the mid-low frequency band combined with high transparency of the grille, the influence it has on sound reproduction is negligible.  Therefore it is not necessary to remove the speaker grille from the front panel while listening to music.

            One reminder to users however:  please do not overdrive (turn the volume too loud) while playing the music with strong sub-sonic bass content. The Maximus-Mini-Monitor can reproduce music down to 50Hz beautifully, yet if one unconsciously raises the volume too loudly, this electrical overdrive may cause the woofer and/or power amplifier to be damaged since human ears are insensitive to sub-bass sound and users can not see (due to the visual block of the speaker grille) the dramatic cone movements which may already be exceeding the woofer’s inherent excursion limits.    

            The Maximus-Mini-Monitor is one of M&D’s new second generation speakers.   All the details of their construction and materials have been reviewed and significantly improved for higher reliability, enabling superior quality control over the highly admired, original version of the Maximus-Mini+ speaker.

            The tiny Mini-Monitor enclosure has the following dimensions: H: 26.0cm (10.2”) xW: 16.0cm (6.3”) x D: 18.0cm (7.1”); the re-inforced, low resonant CAM compound marble enclosure with the diamond shaped panel is extremely solid and heavy. Each unit weighs 7.2Kg (15.8lb).

* CAM enclosure: http://www.mark-daniel.com/index.asp?ID=9&table=faq


            There are 4 small pads beneath each speaker enclosure to prevent the surface scratch; 4 bolts are reserved at the enclosure’s bottom to fasten the speaker to other hardware such as wall mounting or speaker stand mounting applications, easily accessed by removing the cover pads at the bottom of each speaker. 



            On the speaker back plate, the speaker comes equipped with one pair of high quality German WBT® banana posts.  For proper operation, one good quality speaker cable driven by a high current amplifier with a minimum of 60 Watts output is recommended to match the characteristics of the Maximus-Mini-Monitor speaker.  




Description:  Maximus-Mini-Monitor Bookshelf Speaker
Reference Price:  US$2,250/pair, for standard colors
Standard Colors:  - Solid White
                                (Code: MD-1002) 
                             - Starry Black
                                (Code: MD-1423) 
                            * Special colors are under request
System Configuration: 2-Way, low crossover
Frequency Response:  50Hz-30KHz
Two-way Low Crossover:  900Hz
Nominal Impedance:  4-8 Ohms
Average Efficiency:  84dB/2.83V/1m
Power Handling:  60 Watts
Enclosure Material:  Handmade CAM solid surfacing
Overall Size:  H26.0 xW16.0 xD18.0cm (H10.2“ xW6.3” xD7.1”)
Weight (each):  7.2Kg (15.8lb)




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