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Ultrumax-2U-ST Speaker



             The -2U-ST is the premium version of the Ultrumax-2U speaker; both the basic design and characteristics are similar except M&Ds famous Omni-Harmonizer feature has been integrated onto the top of this bit larger enclosure over the Ultrumax-2U speaker.

* Ultrumax-2U: http://www.mark-daniel.com/index.asp?ProID=113&table=pr

 ultrumax-2u-st-3-02m.jpg    ultrumax-2u-st-2m.jpg

             It is the common characteristic for tweeter drivers that their emitting directivity will be sharper/narrower when playback for higher frequencies; people may feel the music some unnatural during audition. Add on this AMT super tweeter + cone diffusor with omni-directional (360 degree) scattering; and it is purposely designed to respond only to musical High Frequency harmonics, from 7KHz up to 32KHz, the very high frequency band so it will not affect the positioning when music playback but be able to obtain a more vivid spatiality with the High Frequency harmonics by producing a certain proportion of indirectly HF reflections to the listener. This thereby achieves better acoustic spatiality in the very high frequency band and gains a lifelike ambiance.

* Omni-Harmonizer: http://www.mark-daniel.com/index.asp?ProID=113&table=pr

ultrumax-2u-st-4-03m.jpg    ultrumax-2u-st-9-02m.jpg



Product Description:  Ultrumax-2U-ST Speaker

Reference Price:  US$3,000/pair, for standard colors

Standard Colors:    - Phantom White (Code: MD-1011) 
                                Starry Black (Code: MD-1423)

Freuency Response:  200Hz-32KHz

 Nominal Impedance:  4-6 Ohms

 Average Efficiency:  83dB/2.83V/1m

 Power Handling:  120 Watts

 Enclosure Material:  Handmade CAM solid surfacing

 Enclosure Size:  H40.0 xW16.4 xD12.0cm (H15.8 xW6.5 xD4.7)

 Weight (each):  8.5 Kg (18.7 lb) 

Installation Height: 116cm (45.7) installed on Ultrumax-Stand

                                121cm (47.6) installed on Ultrumax-Sub-II









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