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Monitor Speaker

The single-drive AMT Monitor ever made!


Ultrumax-M1, General:

         The birth of Ultrumax-M1 monitor speaker has fulfilled Mark & Daniel®’s long awaited dream!  For years, our R&D team keep worked on the phenomenal AMT drivers capable of regenerate 200Hz-20KHz, the ultra-wideband response in audio frequency spectrum; and great efforts had finally achieved a breakthrough then M&D successfully launched his third generation, the revolutionary DM-8 Dreams AMT series by the end of 2020.


         The creation of DM-8 represented the world's first ultra-wideband AMT driver with good affordability that amazingly and exclusively created by Mark & Daniel. The Ultrumax-U1/-U2 single-drive AMT speakers immediately after that based on our DM-8 AMT modules, are dedicated to general audiophiles and music lovers so be able to enjoy the Mark & Daniel sound with true fidelity performance and with high cost-effective value.


         And creation of the most advanced, premium-grade DM-9 Dreams AMT series from 2021, is ambitiously aimed to a true audio reference driver in pursuit of excellence and challenge to the “absolute hi-fi” target over the industry.  This state-of-the-art, Ultrumax-M1 single-drive monitor speaker with DM-9a ultra-wideband AMT driver is sufficient to manifest M&D’s global leading hi-fi concept, as well as his outstanding R&D technology.  



         Ultrumax-M1 uses expensive CAM compound marble for its enclosure surface with handmade elaboration. This elegant -M1 speaker has one large-sized, most advanced single-drive DM-9a Dreams AMT driver assembled on its panel that capable of operate an amazing 190Hz-20KHz bandwidth, reaching to over 6.5 octave frequency ranges, plus the low distortion/large dynamic/high SPL sound output capabilities.  This tiny Ultrumax-M1 speaker sizes only to: H28.0 x W17.0 x D15.0 cm (H11.0" xW6.7" xD5.9"), especially suitable for studios monitoring applications.  Each speaker weighs about 6.5kg (14.3lb), whole enclosure structure is extremely strong and solid.

* DM-9 AMT driver:http://www.mark-daniel.com/index.asp?Proid=32&table=sdr


ultrumax-m1-5m.jpg   ultrumax-m1-4m.jpg

System Major Features:

         The DM-9a driver on the Ultrumax-M1 monitor has adopted the AMT (Air Motion Transformer) operation mode which acknowledged as the best sound regeneration method nowadays.  AMT uses many pleated, thin micro-aluminum strips simultaneously/directly to excite out large amount air, be able to achieve a swift and truthful musical regeneration; plus, the DM-9a driver owns the global leading, exclusive 190Hz-20KHz ultra-wideband capability in frequency response domain, and -M1 speaker has over 24dB/Oct a very sharp slope for frequencis lower than 190Hz.  While providing the top-notch hi-fi listening experience, Ultrumax-M1 is also likely to be one of the best choices of the near-field sound monitors for professional recording studio and for sound engineer/reviewer as their reference speaker.


         It is Mark & Daniel’s belief: The primary function of one monitor speaker must regenerate the music truly and faithfully to reflect the sound performers and recording artists elaborate creations without additional coloration and rendering. Many outstanding features of the Ultrumax-M1 make it close to the perfect acoustic regenerator, which is not only suitable for the most critical and demanded audiophiles, but is also a great choice for professional recording studios and sound experts. The Ultrumax-M1 must be unique since it has many exceptional physical properties beyond most of conventional monitor speakers, such as:


- Ultra-Wideband “Point Source”:

         A crossover network is necessary for two-way (or above) speakers, and this convergence results in defect and distortion with varying severity due to phase shift, amplitude offset, speed response differences in between the woofer/tweeter drivers, different dispersion characteristics, and so forth; the negative impact on sound reproduction quality is especially severer when a crossover point falls within the very sensitive Mid Frequency band (normally around 1.5KHz-3.5KHz). These problems have no longer exist in Ultrumax-M1 monitor with the outstanding DM-9a AMT single driver assembled on it.

         DM-9a is the only sound driver in the world, with the AMT mode operation and response-able down to 190Hz that low enough be able to directly match with subwoofer speakers.  All musical elements in a stunning 190Hz-20KHz ultra-wide frequency range may be conveyed to human ears through this ideal "point source" then! 

         For the non-sensitive 190Hz deep bass segment’s conjunction, there are many mature subwoofer products in the market may be chosen to proper matching with Ultrumax-M1 then.

* Essence of true hi-fi: http://www.mark-daniel.com/index.asp?ID=16&table=Phylosophy


True High Resolution:

         Recording engineer needs his speakers to distinguish any precision changes while working on the console, it is therefore very important to have a high analytical sound monitor as the near-field speakers. A well-engineered speaker system design plus swift response sound drivers to input musical current are essential for his professional monitor speaker.

         As known to all, for today’s widely used “moving coil” mode speaker drivers, they are categorized as the “indirect” sound drivers. The sound vibration originated from speaker’s voice coil where the mechanical force comes from the interaction between driver's magnetic field and audio current from power amplifier; this sound vibrations conduct through voice coil’s bobbin to the cone then push (pull) the air to create a sound into the room for human to hear.  Moving coil speakers are the good driver for low/mid frequency range reproduction in natural, since they can get large vibrations to move air effectively; however, moving coil drivers inevitably produce certain speed delay and sound coloration (pollution) during the mechanical indirect conduction, thus reduceing the ability to swift analyze music details.

         On the other hand, the AMT driver uses many pleated, thin micro-aluminum strips to “directly” excite out the sound air, plus each of this micro-aluminum strip is so light in weight; AMT mode is therefore, known to have the fastest response speed for music regeneration. M&D’s DM-9a is therefore has the ability to analyze high-speed details which is more difficult for conventional drivers, and be able to provide definite precision for the soundstage, both in width and depth during playback as well.

* Dreams AMT:



Absolute Clarity & Transparency:

         Mark & Daniel has repeatedly stressed the importance of reducing FMD (Frequency Intermodulation Distortion) in hi-fi regeneration systems in order to achieve a good sound clarity and texture for music replay; a thoughtful monitor speaker system must be engineered to reduce FMD in the very beginning which is one of the most important quality factor affecting music clarity and transparency during replay. 

         The DM-9a driver with AMT operation has a very large composite diaphragm that constitutes over 48 times the driving surface of the conventional 1” dome tweeter, the diaphragm is then pleated as 24 micro-aluminum strips to simultaneously “pump” the air to create music in a direct-drive mode.  These factors can effectively reduce for Doppler effect distortion during music regeneration, thus obtaining much clearer and transparent music regeneration than traditional ways, and it is outstanding for dynamic music reply too. This unique DM-9a driver is therefore, allowing for high power handling, with good SPL output and low FMD pollution throughout the entire operating bandwidth.

FMD: http://www.mark-daniel.com/index.asp?ID=18&table=Phylosophy


Large Dynamics:

         After entering the digitization era nowadays, sound system engineering has effectively expanded the dynamic performance requirement on both recording and reproducing for music.  The AMT mode driver inherits outstanding characteristic of high-pressure sound regeneration due to integration of many micro-aluminum strips to sync-excite a large amount sound air by a large pleated sound diaphragm; and it also similar to many of miniature horns be able to get high efficiency excitation factor of sound air, so the DM-9a driver is capable to carry a quite larger sound dynamic with less distortion.


ultrumax-m1-3m.jpg   ultrumax-m1-2m.jpg

Speaker Installation:

For Ultrumax-M1 speaker, three installation options are provided:

-Standard bookshelf placement: -M1 speaker may be placed as the conventional bookshelf speakers that directly on sound console, bookshelf, rack top, or on a speaker stand.

-Installed on Ultrumax-Stand: the total height of the system is 98 cm (38.6") then, shown as the photo.

-Installed on Ultrumax-Sub-IIa active, or -Sub-IIps passive deep bass enclosure: the total height of on the active -Sub-IIa system is 103 cm (40.6") and the height while placed on  -Sub-IIps is 108cm (42.5") then, shown as the photo.

ultrumax-m1-10m.jpg   ultrumax-m1-9m.jpg


And depending on your own sound system need, there are three M&D deep bass enclosures may be chosen to match with Ultrumax-M1 monitor speakers:  

- Ultrumax-Sub-Ia     (active mode, w/ one independent deep bass sub-woofer)

- Ultrumax-Sub-IIa    (active mode, w/ one pair of deep bass enclosures)

- Ultrumax-Sub-IIps   (passive mode, w/ one pair of deep bass enclosures)




Product Description:  Ultrumax-M1 Monitor Speaker

Reference Price:  US$2,200/pair, for standard colors
Standard Colors:    - Phantom White (Code: MD-1011) 
                              - Starry Black (Code: MD-1423) 

Freuency Response:  190Hz-20KHz
Nominal Impedance:  3-8 Ohms
Average Efficiency:  83dB/2.83V/1m
Power Handling:  100 Watts
Enclosure Material:  Handmade CAM solid surfacing
Enclosure Size:  H28.0 xW17.0 xD15.0cm (H11.0“ xW6.7” xD5.9”)
Weight (each):  6.5Kg (14.3 lb) 

Installation Height: 98cm (38,6”) installed on Ultrumax-Stand

                             103cm (40.6”) installed on Ultrumax-Sub-IIa

                             108cm (42.5") installed on Ultrumax-Sub-IIps





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