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Arch3 & Arch4

Independently Isolated Audio Racks




Audio racks: An underdeveloped component that’s gone over-engineered

Audiophiles are on constant lookout for effective channels to upgrade the performance of their audio systems. Some upgrade their components and cables. But very few upgrade their racks.
We don’t blame them. Most of people considered the rack/cabinet as one of furniture to their room or as a part of home decoration rather then the helpful hi-fi component; on the other hand, most audiophile rack designers and manufacturers conveniently shy away from one fundamental question:
If vibration control is so vital for sonic performance, why are audio racks having tiers interconnected, allowing harmful vibratory energy generated from different components to proliferate and cross-interfere?
Some designers tend to bypass the core of the problem by offering industrial grade materials and over-engineered constructions as solution. If you treat audio rack as an indispensable audio component, if you crave for better vibration control, you’d probably agree that most heavy duty designs are just compromise fabricated with expensive materials and complicated mechanical parts.
Although many heavy duty racks “appeared” tough and strong; yet the root of the problem is still unsolved, these racks with multi-tiers stacking one on top of another would naturally lead to a cascade of vibrations and inter-shelf resonance that result in deteriorated sonic performance.
It is especially becoming a vital problem nowadays due to necessary co-existence to AV and Hi-Fi systems for most of listening environment; placement of the center speaker to the interconnected racks would cause a very bad influence to the sonic performance during the multi-audio channel reproduction.
Don’t reinvent the wheel, reinvent the Arch



We at Mark & Daniel® embark on isolating the root of the problem by offering a revolutionary system Arch-3 & Arch-4 Isolated Audio Racks at reasonable price.
The independent tier structure of Arch-3/Arch-4 means that each audio component could be genuinely isolated from each other to benefit from the dedicated mechanical grounding system completed with precision-engineered screw-mounted spikes adjustable for perfect leveling.
Each modular tier is one single piece of compound artificial marble (CAM) providing an exceedingly high resonant frequency, resulting in an extremely low resonant magnitude. Its mono material structure offers a constantly high uni-density physical property that is stubbornly retardant to vibration. The one-piece construction also rectifies the common design fault in other audio racks that require overtly complicated coupling/de-coupling devices between tiers that might induce multi resonant frequencies.  

What so unique about Arch3 and Arch4?




Design feature #1:


The only audio rack system that genuinely isolates and assigns each component to its own stand-alone tier with truly independent mechanical grounding points in direct contact with the floor. Other multi-shelf audio racks virtually have components stacked on top of each other; they rely on inter-tier isolation/suspension mechanism yet the components are still sharing the same mechanical grounding. 


Design feature #2:

The only audio rack system handcrafted with high quality compound artificial marble (CAM), which is more than twice the weight and density of MDF and intrinsically retardant to external vibration. Mono material construction delivers the most direct and efficient grounding mechanism for components with motors and moving parts (such as Turntable/CD/DVD players). 


Design feature #3:


The only audio rack system featuring revolutionary "Shock Barrier" that transects each tier into 45/55 split vibration-control zones (except the T-1 tier or the base platform).


It is like cutting the rack into two halves, seperating the front from the rear, with only minimal connection points on the sides of the platform and the bottom so that vibration generated from the moving parts of the component may be dissipated or grounded through the spikes before it travels back to the other portion of the platform.


Knock on the two separate partitions and you’ll hear different resonant frequencies which are both higher than that of a one-piece platform. This would yield lower total resonant magnitude and further decouple the front and the rear portions for better vibration control regardless the vibration source may be originated from the moving parts (such as the motors) of the component or the induced resonance from environment (such as the sound pressure from the speakers). User can determine orientation of the tier according to the “pressure points” of various audio components.


This feature will benefit high-end turntables with isolated motor compartments by further ensuring the turntable platters and the phono cartridges are immune from harmful vibration. It could also be beneficial to CD/DVD players that have motors and transport mechanisms at the front, or amplifiers with transformers at the back. An added benefit is better ventilation for heat generating components like tube amps. 


Design feature #4:


The only independently isolated audio rack system that is truly modular to suit your present requirement and accommodate future expansion. We offer two standard modules: Arch-3 consists of three tires, T-1 to T-3, while Arch-4 consists of four tires, T-1 to T-4.



The shelf space between tiers is 20cm (8”) suitable for placing most of equipments, each tier has its own set of grounding spikes and disks; and the gaps in between racks is around 5mm (1/5”) in order to provide the best isolation between racks.





Design feature #5:


The only independently isolated audio rack system that accepts custom color order. Four standard color combinations available now and other color combinations may be developed in the future.

Finishing touches

Mark & Daniel have exemplified craftsmanship in CAM applications through their many low-resonant speaker designs up to the latest flagship model Fantasy-S. The same level of dedication and attention to details are carried through in Arch-3/Arch-4 with the finishing touch of bevel edge around each tier and custom color/pattern options. At long last, the ultimate audio rack for ultimate isolation and aesthetic appeal that compliments your audio equipments, not to fight with them!



Product Description:  Arch-3/4 Isolated Audio Rack

Standard Colors:  - Solid White framework +Platforms

                              - Starry Black framework +platforms

                              - Solid White framework +Phantom White platforms

                              - Solid White framework +Crystal Gray platforms

Material:  CAM solid surfacing


Tier-1:  Load Capacity: 80kg (176 lb)

Size:  W50.0 xD41.0 xH8.0 cm  (W19.7” xD16.1” xH3.2”)*

Net Weight:  9.0Kg (20 lb)


Tier-2:  Load Capacity: 70kg (154 lb)

Size:  W56.0 xD41.0 xH31.0 cm  (W22.0” xD16.1” xH12.2”)*

Net Weight:  12.5Kg (27.5 lb)


Tier-3:  Load Capacity: 65kg (143 lb)

Size: W62.0 xD41.0 xH54.0 cm  (W24.4” xD16.1” xH21.3”)*

Net Weight: 16.5Kg (36 lb)


Tier-4:  Load Capacity: 60kg (132 lb)

Size:  W68.0 xD41.0 xH77.0 cm  (W26.8” xD16.1” xH30.3”)*

Net Weight: 20Kg (44 lb)


System Weight:  Arch-3: 38 Kg (84 lb)

             Arch-4: 58 Kg (128 lb)


Note: *Height includes spikes and disks which are included as standard accessories.


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