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Muse-Sub, the subwoofer Speaker






Although the Muse-Sub is a major ancillary device that is responsible for only onenot more than two octaves sub-bass response within the full range of human hearing; Mark & Daniel® however, consider this sub-bass ingredient is essential for his miniature speakers (Maximus-Ruby/Diamond and Maximus-Minis) and the other bookshelf speakers to building a solid ground for authentic hi-fi reproduction.


Since it is a consensus among reviewers and audiophiles alike that M&D bookshelf speakers have successfully achieved large dynamic output and deep-bass reproduction capabilities; with M&D subwoofer system, it is clearly not the quantity but quality that counts. It was M&Ds goal to build a sub-bass transducer, the resultant Muse-Sub, to help extend the original responses further down to 28Hz without the exaggeration that might upset musical integrity, yet with potent low octave energy to handle the dynamics, and seamless coherence and unalloyed partnership with M&D (or any other) bookshelf speakers. The Muse-Sub is therefore, a quality-first subwoofer system with the following unique features: 



- The Muse-Sub has been designed as a versatile subwoofer system that may be adapted to different applications:


With one single unit, Muse-Sub may be used as typical stand-alone subwoofer to be placed anywhere in the room, to accomplish the 5.1 home theater system and/or multi-channel audio playbacks. RCA Line Inputs are normally used under the 5.1 configuration with one Muse-Sub unit.


It is highly recommended by M&D however, to apply one pair of Muse-Subs that double as the speaker stands for matching the bookshelf speakers through parallel wiring from the main speakers to Muse-Subs Hi-level posts to link the main speakers and subwoofers together.


This floorstanding transformation not only economizes the placement space in the listening room but also further extends the miniature bookshelf speakers into a full-range system. At the same time it helps to maintain a structurally and sonically balanced conglomeration with minimized wiring and phase variations for the best sound reproduction. 



Effectively upgrade your sound system from bookshelf speakers, it is M&Ds belief that this modular 4-piece, "floorstanding" full-range system would lead the future trend with life-like, stunning sonic performance for both stereo (2-channel) music system as well as the front (R/L) main speakers for the 5.0 multi-channel application.


For custom-made applications, Muse-Sub may also be configured as a passive subwoofer. The enclosure has a second air-tight inner chamber pre-constructed beneath the built-in amplifier. After disassembling the sub-amp from the rear panel of the enclosure, then the custom amplifier and/or dedicated DSP (digital signal processor) module can be directly connected to the Muse-Subs passive woofer with a pair of speaker cable.  



 - The SX8.0q-1.4 sub-bass driver has been specially developed to meet the stringent requirements of the Muse-Sub. Uniquely designed by M&D, both the SX (Super Xmax) and QMA (Quantified Magnets Alignment) techniques are implemented on this extraordinary 8" driver to yield an amazing 18mm (1.4") Xmax excursion to push the sub-bass extension down to 28Hz response with ample sound output capability. 



- The Muse-Sub has adopted a ported, downward firing approach on its enclosure design. With SX8.0q-1.4 woofers low-F3 advantage over the other subwoofers in the market, minimal equalization gain and less power drain from the built-in amplifier are needed. A 200W amplifier is therefore sufficient to drive the full SPL output to a sub-bass response down to the 28Hz. This 8" SX woofer works efficiently under lower thermal condition, thereby effectively improves the systems stability and durability.


- Muse-Sub has installed a proprietary low crossover LPF (low pass filter) that ranges only from 35Hz to 60Hz for precision matching with M&D or other bookshelf speakers.


- Specially designed with cabinet height of 66.0cm (26"), Muse-Sub functions as the perfect speaker stand for most miniature speakers. The subwoofer is meticulously engineered a top-platform for bookshelf speaker placement.  



- Muse-Subs stylish bevel edged, the Starry Black or Solid White color enclosure is completely made of precious compound artificial marble (CAM) material. Very heavy and solid in structure, virtually inert to vibration, the enclosure is engineered to cut down unwanted resonances and colorations. Muse-Subs total weight is up to 20.5Kg (45 lb) per unit!


- The heavy base-platform of the Muse-Sub is also made of CAM, with large circular opening for better breathing space. It is securely coupled to the enclosure through solid stainless steel spacers and supported on stainless steel spikes for superlative vibration control.





The Built-in Amplifier:


- The Muse-Subs built-in amplifier mainly includes a class-D power stage capable of 200 Watts and a pre-amplification stage responsible for sub-bass signal processing and equalization.




- In order to effectively curb sound degradation and remedy the instability of power supply and power switching stages commonly plaguing conventional PWM digital amplifiers, the Muse-Sub amplifier has specially utilized the variable sampling frequency and the variable PWM techniques for effectively improved sound quality and system stability. With the digital feedback loop from the power output stage, a high damping factor of better than 60 (@ 4 Ohms, 150W) has been achieved to properly match with the 8" SX woofer for the best system transient response.


- The Muse-Sub built-in amplifier is equipped with 2-channel (R/L) Line-level and Hi-level inputs to facilitate different subwoofer applications. In case of single-channel subwoofer application, either one of the R/L inputs may be connected.


- The Volume control, Phase Shift control, Direct/LPF switch, and Low Pass Frequency control are useful for the alignments in between the main speaker and subwoofer.


When switched to Direct position, Muse-Sub provides a 28Hz-150Hz response, so as to let the external home theater processor or 5.1 amplifier to take control of the actual low-pass response. When switched to LPF position, the low pass frequency may be adjustable from 35Hz to 60Hz internally to proper match with original speakers low F3 response.


- The Muse-Sub built-in amplifier is well-engineered with many electronic protection circuits such as line fuse, short circuit, over current, and DC offset voltage protection devices to prevent possible misuse damages.  


Muse-Sub Control Panel: 




(R/L) Line Inputs: For low-level signal connections such as from home theater amplifier, SACD decoder, or the DSP (digital signal processor).


Either one of the R/L inputs may be connected if only single channel input is required for the system. If paired subwoofers are being used in a 2-channel music system, connect the Pre-Out of the amplifier to either one of these Line Inputs.


(R/L) High Level Inputs: Useful for direct connection with the 2-channel stereo or the front main speakers of the multi-channel audio system for full-range hi-fi reproduction. Speaker binding posts are having high input impedance, so that ordinary quality cable may be used for parallel connection with the main speakers (that is, from amplifier to main speaker to sub). Either one of the R/L posts may be connected if paired subwoofers are used.


Remember to observe absolute polarity for High Level input speaker cable to connect correct positive (+, Red) and negative (-, Black); miss plug to the polarity may cause speaker systems phase problem, and might even cause damage to some amplifier under the extreme condition.


Volume control: For sub-bass level adjustment.


Phase Shift control: Adjustable, 0o to 180o phase shift.


Direct/LPF switch: Switch to Direct position if Muse-Sub is connected to equipment with active sub-channel output. Switch to LPF (Low Pass Filter) position to activate the built-in LPF control .


The LPF function works on both Line or High-level inputs; and LPF function is particularly useful in matching the main speakers when there is no digital processor controlling the low-pass response curve.


Low Pass Frequency control: A built-in high attenuation low pass filter with adjustable range from 35Hz to 60Hz to complement the frequency of the main speaker. This is functional for either Line-level or High-level connection.


As a general guideline, the optimal setting of this control should bridge or close the gap between the lowest F3 frequency of main speaker and the upper frequency of the subwoofer. Use this control sensibly and coordinate with the Volume Control and the Phase Shift Control . Remember, quality bass should not draw attention to itself and the subwoofer should form a smooth and seamless transition to the main speakers.




  Power Plug-In: The use of good quality (above 220V/5A capacity) power cord with proper grounding connection is recommended.


Power Switch: Press to turn ON/OFF the Muse-Sub amplifier. The switch has built-in light indication.


AC Power Select: set for 110V or 220V (20%) AC line-in voltagemust check carefully for the correct AC line voltage indication before the first time to turn on the Muse-Sub!



Muse-Sub Specifications:


Product Name:  Muse-Sub Speaker

Build-in Amplifier:  Class-D, 200W @ 4

Harmonic Distortion:  0.7% @ 200W

Signal/Noise Ratio:    80dB @ rated power

Damping Factor:  60 @ 4, 150W

Sub-Woofer Driver:  SX8.0q-1.4 woofer

Woofer Xmax:  18.0 mm (1.4)

Line-level Inputs:  Stereo R/L RCA connectors

Line-level Sensitivity:  250mV r.m.s. @ 10K

Hi-level Inputs:  Stereo R/L speaker posts

Hi-Level Sensitivity:  2.83V r.m.s. @ 10K

Direct/LPF Switch:  Yes

DIR Switch Response:  28Hz - 150Hz

Low Pass Filter Range:  35Hz - 60Hz

Volume Control:  Yes

Phase Control:   0o - 180o, variable

Auto Mute On-Off:  Mute: 5 minutes; Restore 50ms

Fault Protections:  AC Power Fuse: 5A 250V

                              Short Circuit Protection

                              Over Current Protection

                              DC Offset Voltage Protection

AC Line-In Voltage:  AC 110V/220V 20%, 60/50Hz

AC Voltage Selector:  Yes

Static Consumption:  5 Watts

Power Consumption:  250 Watts, maximum

Enclosure Material:  Compound Artificial Marble

Enclosure Color:  Starry Black, Solid White

Enclosure dimension: W22.0 x D24.0x H55.7cm (8.7" x 9.4" x 21.9" )

Overall dimension: W26.0 xD27.0 xH66.0cm  (10.2"  x 10.6" x 26.0")

Total Weight:  20.5Kg (45 lb), each unit



Application Notes:


- Before turning on the Muse-Sub for the first time, please check the control panel to see whether or not the selected AC Input Voltage matches that of your area voltage. Incorrect voltage setting will cause either serious damage or blow-out the fuse of the equipment!


- Muse-Sub has no customer-serviceable or self-maintenance parts inside. Please do not try to open the amplifier in order to prevent possible damage and electric shock!


- Make sure the power cord has been properly grounded.


- Do not place Muse-Sub near any wet environment; it could cause serious damage if any liquid gets into the amplifier! If this does happen, turn off the power immediately and send to qualified personnel to fix the problem.


- Muse-Sub must be placed on a flat surface in a surrounding with good ventilation and located in a relatively dust-free environment in order to prevent possible over-heating damage.


- Do not plug/unplug the input cables and speaker cables under power-on condition; otherwise, you may damage the electronic parts or the driver unit.


- If you ever need to replace the fuse (under the IEC power socket), make sure you replace it with similar type and value. If the fuse keeps on blowing, send the unit to qualified technician for service.


- After removing the Muse-Sub enclosure out of the shipping carton, please first to securely assemble the bottom-platform with the screws and spikes provided inside the carton.






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