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" Do not think of this as a $980.0 Tweak. Think of it as a one-time purchase of an expanded center-stage area in your system¡¯s reproduction."


- Ron Nagle -

The audiophile Voice, Vol.13, Issue 1







          The Omni-Harmonizer was designed as an auxiliary device to work with Mark & Daniel speakers. It is purposely designed to respond to musical High Frequency harmonics, from 7KHz up to 35KHz, the very high frequency band.


The Omni-Harmonizer is not just a super HF tweeter, nor is it designed to produce a stronger High Frequency output with an existing speaker system. If were these modifications would only shape the system high frequency response into an abnormal output. The true significance of this unit is to obtain a more vivid spatiality with the High Frequency harmonics by producing a certain proportion of indirectly HF reflections to the listener. This is centrally derived from Omni-Harmonizer¡¯s 360˚ radiation into the listening room.


Noting that we can hardly find a musical instrument having fundamental tones over 4KHz; the M&D¡¯s super tweeter, with Dreams technology, is specially designed to only respond to music HF harmonics, from 7KHz up to 35KHz. This thereby achieves better acoustic spatiality in the very high frequency band.


A DM-2a Dreams AMT super tweeter, with high power handling and low FMD reproduction capability, is mounted face upwards on the Omni-Harmonizer¡¯s base unit. Made from compound marble, an acoustics diffusive-cone is placed on the unit¡¯s top facing downwards to provide a 4¦Ð (360 degree) audio radiation into the entire room space. Listeners will no longer hear HF harmonics from the speaker¡¯s tweeter only, but additionally they will now hear many indirect reflections from the listening room. This will create a more vivid and life-like music reproduction from the very high frequencies.





Since the Omni-Harmonizer is an auxiliary device attached to the existing speaker, depending on your room conditions and attached speaker¡¯s characteristics, the output of an Omni-Harmonizer must be properly controlled to a balanced, not over-driven level, with the very high frequency end providing listening satisfaction.


On backside of the unit, the original designed three-levels (0dB, -2.5dB, -5dB) selection has been replaced by a 25W high power (0dB to -6dB) attenuator to the new Omni-Harmonizer; a continuous fine tuning can be made for best matching with your system and room conditions.





The DM-2a super tweeter has been internally connected to R-C networks with top grade capacitors (0.07% super-low dissipation factor). By selecting a lower sensitivity (higher attenuation), a lighter load is added in parallel to the attached speaker and amplifier.





Although the Omni-Harmonizer was originally designed for the Aragorn sound system as an independent optional device; the Omni-Harmonizer however is also applicable to any M&D speaker and other speakers with the efficiency ranging from 82dB to 92dB for gaining spatial improvement at the very high frequency end.




Product Description:  Omni-Harmonizer Super Tweeter

Reference Price:  US$1,100/pair, for standard colors

Standard Colors:  - Solid White (Code: MD1002)

                             - Starry Black (Code: MD1423)

                             * Special colors are under request



Frequency Response:  7KHz-35KHz

Nominal Impedance:  ¡Ý 13 Ohms @ 10KHz (set at 0dB)

Average Efficiency:   88dB/2.83V/1m (at 0dB setting)

Output Adjustment:  0dB to -6dB, continuous

Enclosure Material:  CAM solid surfacing

Size (H x W x D):  13.8x14.0x14.0 cm  (5.4¡±x 5.5¡±x5.5¡±)

Weight (each):  2.5Kg (5.5 lb)





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