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The Bass-Extender device, as an optional item, provides two primary functions for the Aragorn sound system:





1) It functions as a solid foot-stand for stable placement of the Aragorn-Monitor+ bookshelf speaker.


2) It is also designed as a bass extender tightly matching the Aragorn-Monitor+ unit and thereby enabling a bookshelf speaker to be transformed into a floor- standing system.


This heavy, rein-forced Bass-Extender is also made of costly Compound Marble material, each weights up to 25 kg (55 lbs). When the Bass-Extender is employed, a cover that is fixed under the bottom of the Aragorn-Monitor+ speaker must be disassembled. Inserting a silicon-rubber ring in between, placing the Monitor+ unit right onto the Bass-Extender in position, and properly locking the two units together therefore creates an airtight tunnel. A bookshelf speaker has been transformed into a floor-standing system! (Refer to M&D® speaker systems instruction manual, Application Notes, Item 12, for installation details)






With full assembly, the low frequency has now been extended from a low 36Hz (as the bookshelf speaker) down to an amazing 28Hz (as a floor-standing system).


It should be noted that this method is not applicable to most bookshelf speakers due to the insufficient linear excursion of their bass drivers.


¡°Simplicity is the best¡±, has always been the design philosophy that M&D has pursued. Utilizing a passive bass extender, such as the Bass-Extender unit, is the most effective solution to obtain deep bass improvement without the complexity of additional internal circuitry. There is no complicated sub-crossover network, no active power amplifier required, and no additional sub-bass alignment needed to balance all channels.


It should be noted that this method is not applicable to most bookshelf speakers due to the insufficient linear excursion of their bass drivers.


To drop a system¡¯s F3 from 36Hz down to 28Hz, such as in the Aragorn sound system, requires an additional 65% linear excursion capability at 28Hz compare to 36Hz, under the same SPL output. A conventional 8¡± woofer, considered to be good quality in today¡¯s market, has a typical Xmax within ¡À3.5mm to ¡À5.0mm only; a higher bass current can easily drive the woofer¡¯s piston into non-linearity, causes heavy distortion by trying to extend the system F3 to a lower limit. M&D¡¯s SX-8.0 super woofer, with its unparalleled ¡À15mm linear excursion using SX technology, yields 7dB to 10 dB (5 to 10 times stronger in acoustic power) higher output than the conventional woofers, to ensure extended deep bass reproduction while retaining excellent Q-control under very large dynamic outputs.




Product Description:  Bass-Extender Foot-stand

Reference Price:  US$2,200/pair, for standard colors

Standard Colors:   - Solid White (Code: MD1002)

                              - Starry Black (Code: MD1423)

                              * Special colors are under request


Frequency Response:  28Hz-22KHz w/Aragorn-Monitor+

Enclosure Material:  CAM solid surfacing

Size (H x W x D):   70.0 x32.0 x41.0 cm (w/spikes)

                                27.6¡±x12.6¡±x16.1¡± (w/spikes)

Weight (each):  25 Kg (55 lb)






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